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Welcome to D-MAK Academy, the top choice for digital marketing courses in Kottakkal. We also provide thorough training in marketing and business management. Giving, our SEO training, is highly regarded as the finest in Kerala. Come learn with us and improve your abilities!

D-MAK Academy

A reasonably priced digital marketing course in Kottakkal is provided by D-MAK Academy. We also provide branding, sales, and marketing training. What makes us unique is our blended curriculum for digital marketing and sales. We are the only school in Kerala providing this particular course. Come succeed with us in the marketing industry!

Digital Marketing

A three-month course

Making a CEO

A six-month course

Mastery in SEO

A two-month course

Online Branding

Making you always No 1

The Best Digital Marketing Courses in Kottakkal, Malappuram

D-MAK Academy provides digital marketing courses in Kottakkal, Malappuram that are intended to provide you with the tools you need to succeed in the current digital environment. Our courses offer thorough instruction that is customized to your needs, regardless of your goals—pursuing a ‘Diploma in Digital Marketing‘, mastering a ‘WordPress web designing course‘. gaining ‘Mastery in SEO‘ or becoming a ‘Social Media Expert‘. You’ll acquire the skills and self-assurance necessary to succeed in the fast-paced world of digital marketing with practical experience and knowledgeable coaching.

Want to succeed in digital marketing? There’s nowhere else to look! The excellent courses at D-MAK Academy Kottakkal are customized to meet your needs.

Diploma in Digital Marketing – 3 Months

Gain a Diploma in Digital Marketing to Advance Your Career
With the help of our extensive diploma program, get a competitive edge. Become an expert marketer by delving deeply into digital marketing tactics.

WordPress Web Designing Course – 1 Month

In Kottakkal, Learn the Craft of WordPress Web Designing
Using our WordPress web design training, create eye-catching websites. Let your imagination run wild and create engaging web content.

Take a Web Designing Course from D-MAK Academy to Unleash Your Creativity. Discover the foundations of web design and realize your concepts. Discover the newest methods and resources to produce powerful designs.

Mastery in SEO (Search engine optimization)- 2 Months

Utilize SEO’s power by enrolling in our expert-led course. Improve your website’s optimization to get more organic visitors and a higher ranking.

Learn SEO from D-MAK Academy Kottakkal to Become an SEO Maestro.
Utilize our advanced mastery curriculum to increase your SEO knowledge. Keep up with the times and take the lead in search engine rankings.

Social Media Expert Course – 2 Months

Discover powerful techniques to captivate audiences and produce outcomes. Take Advantage of Our Specialized Course to Learn Facebook Advertising.

Maximize ROI by successfully reaching your target audience. Utilize Social Media Advertising to Your Advantage with Our Course With our social media advertisements training, you can increase brand visibility and drive conversions.

Business Management and Marketing Courses in Kottakkal, Malappuram

Take one of our specialist courses to start improving your business knowledge. Explore the fundamentals of management to realize your full leadership potential. Learn the craft of developing marketing plans that work in the fast-paced, modern market. Take advantage of our extensive courses to learn how to engage audiences and propel corporate success.

Making a CEO – 6 Months

Take the ‘Making a CEO’ course in Kottakkal to become a successful CEO. With the help of our specialist business management course, you can unleash your potential and create a successful future. Our six-month program, which is intended for prospective CEOs, provides thorough instruction and useful insights to get you ready for the top leadership position.

Boost Your Leadership Skills with ‘Making a CEO’

Become a forward-thinking leader who can guide your company to unheard-of success. Acquire the fundamental information and abilities required to succeed in the fast-paced field of business management.

Business Success with ‘Making a CEO‘ Course in Kottakkal

Give yourself the instruments and know-how required to overcome obstacles and grasp chances in the cutthroat business environment of today. Our training is designed to enable professionals in business like you to drive success and accomplish your objectives.

A Course for Businesspeople to Drive to Success

Arm yourself with the knowledge required to take your business to new heights. The course Making a CEO, provided by D-MAK Academy Kottakkal, is the best resource for aspirational people prepared to steer their firm toward success.

Sales through Social Media Funnels – 2 Months

Sales through Social Media Funnels‘ is a dynamic course that bridges company management and sales strategy, offered by D-MAK Academy Kottakkal. Discover how to efficiently use social media channels to increase sales and money.

With the help of our knowledgeable instructors, you will get the abilities needed to design, implement, and enhance sales funnels that are appropriate for social media platforms. Investigate cutting-edge methods for interacting with prospective clients and nurturing leads across the whole sales cycle. With our extensive curriculum at D-MAK Academy Kottakkal, you may improve your comprehension of sales dynamics in the digital era.

Sales and Marketing – 1 Month

D-MAK Academy Kottakkal‘ provides a month-long ‘Sales and Marketing‘ course that focuses on marketing tactics and successful sales closing skills. Develop your skills in completing deals and using effective marketing strategies.

Through practical exercises, our knowledgeable teachers help you improve your sales abilities and increase your understanding of marketing.

This extensive course, designed to boost sales and create marketing strategies in Kottakkal, will elevate your grasp of company management at ‘D-MAK Academy Kottakkal‘.


Diploma in Digital Marketing

Our three-month-long diploma programme in digital marketing at D-MAK Academy Kottakkal covers social media, WordPress, SEO, designing, and editing software, and it gives Google and Meta certifications.

WordPress Web Designing

Our succinct one-month WordPress Web Designing Course includes a hands-on project and covers the essentials of WordPress, themes and templates, hosting options, content development, forms, SEO principles, and plugins.

Mastery in SEO

We explore both on-page and off-page SEO strategies in detail in our two-month SEO Mastery course. It helps to know Google algorithms and examines SEO tactics for digital marketing. You'll discover how to examine SERPs and optimise your keywords effectively.

Social Media Expert

The subjects covered in our two-month Social Media Expert programme are extensive. It focuses facebook marketing and offers in-depth analysis. You will investigate the different SM platforms in online advertising.

Learn Sales and Marketing

Essential topics including customer comprehension, market segmentation, efficient communication methods, brand creation, marketing objectives, and sales closing techniques are covered in our one-month Learn Sales and Marketing course.

Sales with Social Media Funnels

We at D-MAK Academy Kottakkal provide a state-of-the-art method of selling via our Social Media Funnel programme. We show you how to effectively traverse the digital world to increase sales and income by utilising the power of social media platforms.

Making a CEO

Our six-month Making a CEO programme covers a wide range of topics in detail. Learn to express a clear vision for success and to become a powerful leader. Develop your knowledge of financial management techniques. Recognise how to improve the customer journey and its nuances.

D-MAK Community Meetings

An online community for developing the presentation skills of each person participating. The meeting will be once a week in the morning session. It helps to improve sales, staff requirements, etc.

D-MAK Academy
Kottakkal - Malappuram

Greetings from D-MAK Academy : The best institute for digital marketing courses in Malappuram!

The 2021-founded D-MAK Academy provides digital marketing courses in Kottakkal. The location is rather handy, being in the middle of Kottakkal, next to Soopi Bazar. Offering both offline and online sessions from Mr. Binu Mohan’s home, we are flexible enough to adjust to shifting trends.

Our Director and Chief Instructor, Mr. Mohan, has more than 20 years of web design and development expertise. Depending on their requirements and interests, students have a choice between in-person seminars and online learning.

When will you be enrolling in digital marketing courses in Kottakkal with D-MAk?

  • Extensive Curriculum: We teach social media marketing, PPC advertising, WordPress web design, SEO, content marketing, and more in our courses.

  • Practical Experience: To strengthen theoretical learning and improve abilities, acquire practical information through case studies, projects, and activities.

  • Personalized Attention: To guarantee your success, take advantage of our small class sizes and our knowledgeable professors’ one-on-one advice.

  • Career Opportunities: Acquire useful credentials and competencies to get into the quickly expanding industry of digital marketing and look into fascinating employment opportunities.


700+ Students | 80+ Batches | 170+ Clients | 18+ Live Projects | 470+ Placements

Digital Marketing Services in Kottakkal

Web design, SEO services, business consulting services, and digital marketing services are provided by D+MAK Academy Kottakkal.


If a client trusts us, we won't let them place themselves anywhere else than #1 in the market. Our staff is prepared to assist you.

SEO Services

It's related to branding. Guaranteed to appear in the top 5 search engine results, if your keyword isn't a single word! Our approach is really effective.

Web Designing

We assure you that we possess the perfect resolution for any urgent problem your business may be facing! We can be reached by phone.

Web Hosting

If your personnel is receiving training from us, a single day might significantly alter their motivation. We're going to discard the losers!

Facebook Ads

The only way to get quick, high-quality inquiries or leads is to post an advertisement on social media. Our experts will assist you in creating ads that are focused on getting results.

Google Ads

Google advertisements are the greatest option if you need to boost website traffic quickly, and our team can assist you in creating PPC campaigns that are focused on getting results.

Business Consultant

Gives organisations professional counsel and direction to help them reach their objectives, solve issues, and perform better. Implementing effective changes

Sales Training

If the performance of your sales staff is depressing you, they require training on closing deals, following up on leads, refixing targets, and identifying team members who are spoilers.

Customers Reviews

"I am immensely grateful to have learned digital marketing in DMAK under Shri Binu Mohan's guidance. His supportive and detailed teaching style, willingness to address doubts, and friendly encouragement create a positive learning environment. With years of experience and a background as a serial entrepreneur, DMAK brings invaluable real-world insights to the table. I highly recommend DMAK to anyone looking to master digital marketing in a dynamic and effective way."
Sreenath about D-MAK
S. Sreenath
Unnathi Global Skills, TVM
"I am happy to say that the digital marketing solutions programme at D-MAK Academy surpassed my expectations upon my enrolment. The experience was outstanding, and I am extremely happy with the knowledge and skills I acquired. The dedication of D-MAK Academy to individualised learning is what really makes them stand out. In addition to being thorough, their curriculum was updated to reflect best practices and current market trends. Furthermore, the practical assignments and real-world case studies provided priceless chances to put the lessons learnt in class into practice."
Athulya Menon
SM-Sales, Znet, Dubai
The practical learning methodology of D-MAK Academy is what really makes them stand out. Through practical tasks and projects, I not only acquired theoretical information but also had the chance to apply it to real-world problems. This hands-on training was priceless and provided me with the assurance I needed to successfully apply digital marketing techniques in my own company. Furthermore, the D-MAK Academy team's assistance was outstanding. My efforts at digital marketing have significantly improved as a result of D-MAK Academy.
Sameer Elanjattil
Owner, EK Metals, Kannur

Students can investigate a variety of employment opportunities after completing a Digital Marketing Diploma from D-MAK Academy, the top supplier of digital marketing courses in Kottakkal. These include positions in search engine marketing (SEM), conversion rate optimization (CRO), digital marketing consultant, inbound marketing expert, marketing automation expert, reputation management expert, web analytics expert, community management, web content management, PPC campaign management, digital analytics manager, digital marketing strategist, brand marketing manager, and digital marketing coordinator.

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