2024: Best Digital Marketing Courses in Malappuram

best digital marketing courses in malappram

Overview of D-MAK Academy in Kottakkal, Malappuram

D-MAK Academy provides training in digital marketing. Situated in the Malappuram District of Kerala, it can be found on Chunda Road, Soopi Bazar. Kottakkal The academy’s goal is to prepare students for careers in digital marketing. They provide a range of courses covering different facets of internet marketing.

Diploma in Digital Marketing

The course for the Diploma in Digital Marketing is well-liked. It addresses subjects including content marketing, SEO, and SEM. Students pick up useful abilities that are essential for careers in digital marketing. They are equipped for the changing digital environment with this training.

Mastery in SEO

For exposure online, SEO is essential. The Mastery in SEO course offered by D-MAK Academy goes further into SEO tactics. Students get knowledge about search engine optimization for websites. They learn more about algorithms and strategies for improving ranks.

Social Media Expert

Social networking is vital for businesses in this digital age. Social media marketing is the main topic of the Social Media Expert course. Students gain knowledge of creating captivating material and analyzing data. It aids companies in making the most of social media channels.

WordPress Web Design Course

There is also a WordPress site design course available at D-MAK Academy. It gives pupils the tools they need to make webpages. It includes all levels of customisation, from simple to sophisticated. Learners get knowledge on creating both aesthetically pleasing and useful websites.

In Summary: D-MAK Academy Strengthens

Students at Kottakkal’s D-MAK Academy are equipped with digital marketing knowledge. Their curricula equip pupils to handle problems in the actual world. A center for digital marketing education, it is situated in the Malappuram District. D-MAK Academy offers thorough instruction in web design, social media, SEO, and other related areas.

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