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D-MAK Academy provides wordpress web designing course duration one month

Welcome to the D-MAK Academy in Kottakkal, where we offer training in business management and digital marketing. Our online academy, which is tucked away in the Malappuram area, provides a thorough WordPress web design course that gives you the skills you need to create gorgeous websites quickly and skilfully. D-MAK Academy Kottakkal is the ideal place to pursue your goals, whether you’re an experienced expert looking to advance your abilities or a novice keen to learn about web design. Come along as we explore WordPress’s endless possibilities and help you reach your full creative potential.

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wordpress web designing course conducted by D-MAK Academy

WordPress Web Designing Course

A course that teaches people how to design and construct websites using WordPress, a well-known content management system (CMS), is called a WordPress web designing course. WordPress is a popular option for creating websites of many kinds, from blogs and portfolios to e-commerce sites and corporate websites, because of its intuitive user interface, vast plugin ecosystem, and adaptable themes.

Participants in a WordPress web design course usually master the following areas of creating websites with WordPress:

  • Installing, configuring, and choosing a hosting provider for WordPress websites.
  • Comprehending the WordPress dashboard: navigating the content management system and backend interface.
  • Personalising themes for WordPress: changing typefaces, colours, layouts, and styles, among other design components.
  • Using plugins to add functionality: including extra features like as sliders, social network feeds, contact forms, etc.
  • Content creation and management includes writing and formatting web pages, articles, and multimedia.
  • Making websites search engine friendly (SEO): putting best practices into practice to increase visibility in search engine rankings.
  • Keeping websites secure: putting security measures in place to guard against dangers and weaknesses.
  • Making sure websites appear and work properly across a range of platforms, such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones, is known as responsive design.
  • Testing and troubleshooting: Resolving problems and making sure websites work properly on various browsers and devices.

The breadth and complexity of WordPress web design courses can vary, meeting the needs of both experienced users seeking to develop their knowledge and novices with no prior web design experience. These courses could be provided by freelance teachers, online learning companies, or academic organisations. In addition, a wealth of online resources for self-paced learning are accessible, including documentation, forums, and tutorials.

Who Can do WordPress web designing course d-MAK Academy

Who can do WodPress web designing course?

Anyone interested in learning how to build websites with the WordPress platform might benefit greatly from taking a WordPress web design course. Individuals in the following categories may find it advantageous to enrol in a WordPress site design course:


Those who wish to learn how to build websites from scratch but have little to no prior expertise with web design or programming.

Aspiring Web Designers and Developers:

Those who wish to learn the ins and outs of building WordPress websites and who are interested in a career in web design or development.

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs:

Individuals that own startups or small enterprises and wish to build and run their own websites in order to market their goods and services, build an online presence, and connect with more customers.

Freelancers and Consultants:

Freelancers and consultants that offer web design or development services and want to improve their skill set by learning how to build websites using WordPress, which is a popular choice among clients.

Marketing Professionals:

Marketing experts who wish to get training on building and maintaining websites for lead generation, content marketing, and blogging.

Graphic Designers:

It would be beneficial for graphic artists to expand their knowledge base by learning how to use WordPress themes and customisation options to turn their creations into practical websites.

Existing Website Owners:

People who already own websites but wish to learn how to use WordPress to move or remodel them for greater administration, customisation, and usefulness.

Nonprofit Organizations and Community Groups:

For the purpose of increasing awareness, recruiting volunteers, and gathering money, nonprofit organisations, community groups, and charities wish to create their own websites.

Students and Hobbyists:

Students and enthusiasts who want to learn web design and development as a pastime or to add to their skill set for hobbies or other personal projects.

In general, anybody with a rudimentary understanding of computers and the internet can enrol in a WordPress web design course, which can offer useful skills and knowledge for a range of personal, professional, and entrepreneurial endeavours.

d-mak academy how to do wordpress web designing.

How to do WodPress web designing course?

If you’d want to take a course in WordPress site design, you have a few choices:

Online Courses:

WordPress site design classes are widely available online; they range from cost-effective tutorials to extensive, premium courses. Industry experts teach courses on websites like Udemy, Coursera, and LinkedIn Learning.

Local Classes or Workshops:

To find out if WordPress site development courses are offered in your area, check with tech schools, adult education centres, and community colleges. Workshops and seminars on WordPress are occasionally held by nearby companies or tech associations.

WordPress Meetup Groups:

Networking with other WordPress fans and professionals can be facilitated by joining local WordPress meeting groups. A few of these organisations also host training sessions or seminars with an emphasis on WordPress site design.


If you’re more of a self-paced learner, there are a tonne of free internet resources out there, such as blogs, WordPress web design YouTube channels, manuals, and tutorials. To get you started, there’s a tonne of content and tutorials available on websites like WordPress.org.

Hiring a Tutor:

If you would rather receive one-on-one training, you might want to look into hiring a mentor or tutor with WordPress web design experience. You can adjust this individualised approach to your own learning style and speed.

Formal Education:

Modules on WordPress web design may be included in web design or digital media courses or programmes offered by some institutions or colleges. This option is usually more structured, and upon completion, it could result in a certificate or degree.

Whichever approach you decide on, it’s critical to have clear objectives for your learning, set aside time for practice and experimentation, and keep up with the most recent advancements and trends in WordPress web design. As the course progresses, think about compiling a portfolio of completed projects to demonstrate your abilities to prospective companies or clients.

Will I get a job after completing a WodPress web design course? D-MAK Academy Kottakkal

Will I get a job after completing a WodPress web design course?

Your employment prospects in a variety of web design, development, and digital marketing-related industries can be positively impacted by completing a WordPress web design course. However, a number of factors determine whether you’ll get hired straight out of the course:

Skill Level:

The degree of your knowledge and abilities from the course will be important. Employers will find you more appealing if you are an expert in WordPress web design and development, including knowledge of themes, plugins, customisation, and best practices.


Creating a compelling portfolio that highlights your WordPress projects will greatly improve your chances of landing a job. In order to evaluate your abilities and inventiveness, employers frequently request to see examples of your real-world work.


Within the industry, networking might lead to job openings. To network with industry experts and possible employers, go to web design and WordPress-related conferences, meetups, and online forums.


Although finishing a WordPress web design course is a terrific place to start, you can stand out from the competition if you have real-world experience via internships, freelancing work, or personal projects.

Market Demand:

The need for WordPress site designers differs depending on the sector and region. Make sure your job search is tailored to the demand for WordPress talents by researching the local work market.

Additional Skills:

Possessing extra abilities like content writing, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, graphic design, SEO, or SEO might help you stand out from the competition and improve your chances of landing a job.

It’s critical to take the initiative in your job hunt, hone your abilities over time, and keep up with technological advancements and industry trends. A WordPress web design course can be a great starting point for a web design career, but getting a job will still take work, perseverance, and further education.

The syllabus for the course on WordPress web design

The syllabus for the WordPress Web Design course offered by D-MAK Academy Kottakkal Malappuram is shown below.

Introduction to WordPress

  1. An overview of the features of WordPress
  2. Recognising the distinctions between WordPress.org and WordPress.com
  3. Setting up and installing WordPress

Understanding the WordPress Dashboard

  1. Using the administrative interface
  2. Taking care of pages, media, and postings
  3. Changing user roles and settings

WordPress Themes

  1. Selecting and setting up themes
  2. Using the WordPress Customizer to modify themes
  3. Overview of child themes and how they are developed

WordPress Plugins

  1. Investigating necessary plugins for functionality and efficiency
  2. Activating, installing, and setting up plugins
  3. The best methods for choosing and managing plugins

Creating Content with WordPress

  1. Composing and arranging pages and posts
  2. Including pictures, films, and further media
  3. Using tags and categories to organise content

Customizing WordPress

  1. Utilising menus and widgets to improve navigation
  2. Putting bespoke CSS into practice for style
  3. Overview of template hierarchy and theme development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  1. Search engine optimisation of content
  2. Using analytics, sitemaps, and meta tags with SEO plugins
  3. Techniques for raising a website’s exposure and ranks

Website Security

  1. Recognising typical security risks
  2. Putting security plugins and best practices into practice
  3. Making frequent upgrades and backups

Responsive Design

  1. Creating websites with responsive design for varying screen sizes and devices
  2. Using frameworks and themes that are responsive
  3. Assessing and refining for mobile user experience

Launching and Managing a WordPress Site

  1. Setting up permalinks and site settings
  2. Setting up a website on a live server
  3. Putting in place regular upkeep and updates

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We can help you decide when to enrol in D-MAK Academy if you have any questions. Please feel free to contact us at +918075946767 to talk about your enrollment options over the phone or over WhatsApp. Our academy’s address is D-MAK Academy, Chunda Road, Kottakkal, Malappuram District, Kerala – 676503. It is well situated in the charming Malappuram District of Kerala. We hope to hear from you soon, whether you’re excited to begin your educational adventure or you just have inquiries about our programmes.

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